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Much remains to be done to achieve gender equality in Swiss economic life.

New perspectives and different voices need to be heard! is a project which disseminates academic research, and aims to use the insights of social sciences in support of gender equality.

We reveal the mechanisms by which gender inequalities are reproduced, and use a variety of means of communication to foster an interactive dialogue with the public.

The project is developed by the School of Social Work at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts , and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (Agora) .

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The documentary film “Equality - a snapshot”, by Romana Lanfranconi (Voltafilm GmbH), is an ideal way to stimulate debate.

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We work with you and our partners to organise specific events on the theme of equality in the workplace.

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E-Learning Box

E-learning combines film sequences selected for their educational value with pertinent questions and accessible academic materials.

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We arrange targeted workshops tailored to the specific needs of people participating in your further education programmes or company events.

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The project has its academic basis in Dr. Lucia M. Lanfranconi's dissertation, "Gender equality through economic benefit discourse?" (2014).

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A project by Dr. Lucia M. Lanfranconi, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation